Technical Manager – Senior Engineer (Actuators)

About Freevalve:

Work on a highly intelligent, lightweight and motivated team to achieve our goal of revolutionizing the combustion engine with Freevalve technology. The technical manager will be responsible for the overall technical direction and leadership of the development team. Due to the nature of small companies, this includes a large range of activities from working with the CEO, CMO and customers to set technical targets, to guiding engineers through daily activities.

Internal Activities & Responsibilities:

  • Present technical updates and budgets to CEO for approval or adjustment
  • Set internal targets and deadlines aligned with customer deliverables
  • Formulate milestones and lead team on daily basis to ensure successful completion of these
  • Maintain strong relationship with employees and adjust resources, tools, and support as necessary to achieve targets
  • Manage human resource activities including hiring, salary negotiations and performance reviews
  • Ensure R&D activities are moving in direction aligned with vision of the company and business strategy
  • Iterate leadership and management strategies to ensure all members of the team are fully utilized
  • Manage tasks for engineers to create strong practices in design, development, quality control, organization and robustness of final product

External Activities & Responsibilities:

  • Reflect technical strategy and development schedule to define scope of customer projects and potential timelines
  • Present project proposals and quotations to customers
  • Maintain communication about technical progress, problems and solutions with all customers
  • Organize support programs for ongoing projects and outline activities required to ensure the success of Freevalve installations at various sites

Basic Qualifications:

  • Degree in mechanical engineering or similar
  • 2+ years experience in leadership or project management role over technical team
  • 3+ years experience in technical design involving advanced knowledge of pneumatics, hydraulics, or electronics
  • Strong communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to utilize facts and data to make difficult decisions with high risks in either direction
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities
  • Fluent in English (verbal and written)

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • 3+ years in design experience specifically in automotive industry
  • High level of experience in development process of mass-production oriented products for automotive market
  • Deep insight and experience into the automotive industry including past and future developments, failures, and overall trends
  • Advanced understanding of combustion engines and thermodynamic concepts related to combustion engine calibration

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