Improved Performance

Freevalve’s technology allows full control of the combustion cycle. No other variable valve actuation system offers this level of control and reliability. Both intake and exhaust valves can be opened and closed at any desired crankshaft angle. This flexibility enables an engine to deliver lower fuel consumption and emission numbers, while still delivering increased torque and horsepower.

Optimal valve times for volumetric efficeny at all RPMs

  • Use of intake runner inertia at all RPMs
  • With Divided Exhaust Period, 100 % scavenging of residuals is possible at all speeds and loads
    • Increasing volumetric efficiency
    • Reducing, or eliminating, knock even with high compression ratios
  • At low RPMs, dual intake valve openings provides maximum intake runner inertia with low temperature increase effectively increasing volumetric efficiency up to 30 %

For the Qoros 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine, torque increased by 47% and power increased by 45%, as per diagrams below.