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Freevalve is a technology company that provides cutting-edge technology for cam-less combustion engines with fully variable valve train operation.

The world is craving for emission and CO2 reducing technologies. Freevalve holds the keys to release this potential by allowing combustion engine operation on pure renewable liquid fuels, thus potentially saving the world from huge amounts of CO2. The fully variable Freevalve valvetrain operation further allows for several engine operating modes such switching between different combustion cycles, number of strokes, or engine braking. The technology can be used in any kind of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and is independent of fuel type.

Freevalve strive to continue the legacy of Swedish automotive industry, and we are confident that the technology can prolong the life, validity and sustainability of the ICE.

Freevalve award

The management team

Christian von Koenigsegg

Chairman of the Board & CEO

Urban Calsson

Urban Carlson

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

freevalve is a part of the koenigsegg group


Not only a brilliant designer, but a Master Thesis in finding out how the Freevalve system could be applied on the Qoros Qamfree engine among endless combinations of valve timing!


Design Engineer

Our engineer who can really build top quality electronics, destroy the indestructible and then make it even better with a mix of soldering and coding.


Control Systems Engineer

The guy who is the most humble, even when he thinks the questions can’t get any dumber.


Control Systems Engineer


Control Systems Engineer

Our quality engineer who will make this technology fly – Well we brought him in since he made aeroplane star engines not to fall down.


Quality Engineer

They are writing a book about this man’s amazing life. Do we need to say more? He discovered and showed that a Diesel Engine can be run with zero soot emissions and 98 % reduction in NOx-emissions, with a proper amount of EGR. He also invented the original Freevalve technology!



As good with the wrench, as with CAD as with tricky calculations – he will make sure we squeeze the oil out of air and the air out of oil!


Development Engineer

Our lab technician who builds amazing stuff and the guy to ask if you want to know what works without spending time on simulations.


Research Engineer

Our simulation doctor. He knows what most of us believe!


Simulations Engineer


Senior System Verification Engineer



freevalve milestones

March 3rd, 2020

Geneva International Motor Show 2020

Koenigsegg Automotive launches the new Gemera model, featuring a Freevalve developed 2 litre inline 3 cam-less engine.

March 3rd, 2020

First contract with a Heavy Duty Diesel customer

After successful concept studies, the development project for a commercial vehicle engine takes off.

Freevalve award

Freevalve Wins 2016 POPSCI Automotive Innovation Award

Popular Science Magazine, has named FreeValve as their Grand Award Winner in their 10 Greatest Automotive Innovations of 2016.


Public debut of the Qoros 3 concept car

Two years after starting the development of a complete new Freevalve cylinder head, the Qamfree engine debuts in a Qoros 3 concept car at the Guanghzhou Auto Show.


A new era

After some tough years following the financial crisis and partners leaving the Automotive market, Cargine becomes a part of the Koenigsegg Group and changes name to Freevalve.


First running car

The first complete running engine is a converted SAAB 9-5 2.3t with cam-less intake valves.


License agreement with Finnveden Powertrain

Swedish Tier I supplier Finnveden Powertrain AB signs a license agreement for Automotive and Truck applications.


Cargine moves into Koenigsegg Automotive premises

The three founders can finally  quit their previous jobs and be fully employed by Cargine, thanks to Koenigsegg’s investment.


First prototype demonstrated – Cargine is founded

An intake side cam-less valvetrain was demonstrated on a Briggs & Stratton OHV engine. It later ran up to 6000 rpm in generation 2 in 2004.

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Freevalve do not sell any products off the shelf, but we love to do development projects with customers and we constantly seek the best people in the industry to join our team.

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