Popular science magazine….. Popular Science Magazine, has named FreeValve as their Grand Award Winner in their 10 Greatest Automotive Innovations of 2016.

Freevalve award

FreeValve is a new mechanical architecture that replaces the traditional way of operating engine valves via a camshaft with Pneumatic-Hydraulic-Electric Actuators (PHEA).

The FreeValve concept, also known as fully variable valve actuation, offers the unique ability to have independent control of the intake and exhaust valves in an internal combustion engine. The timing of intake and exhaust can be independently programmed for any engine load criteria. The system can then “decide” which program to use based on driving conditions in order to maximize performance or minimize fuel consumption and emissions. Such flexibility allows a far greater degree of control over the engine, which in turn provides significant performance benefits.

PopSci’s comments:

For more than a century, the internal combustion engine has relied on the ungainly camshaft. This spinning rod with variable lobes sits atop the engine, where it opens and closes intake and exhaust valves during the combustion cycle. But the camshaft has a limited range of motion, so its control over the valves is imprecise. This is the root of engine inefficiency….. Cams, may you rest in peace.

You can read the full list of award winners at Popular Science Magazine’s website.

FreeValve and Koenigsegg are very excited about the future of this technology, which made its production-spec debut in a Qoros concept car at this year’s Beijing Motor Show. FreeValve is now working with Qoros on the application of the technology in a production vehicle.

Projects are ongoing with a number of OEMs for possible implementation in both heavy vehicle and passenger vehicle applications.

FreeValve is a sister company to Koenigsegg Automotive AB, working from a laboratory at the Koenigsegg facility in Ängelholm, Sweden.

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